Giving Gertie is a local not for profit organization that raises money for numerous charities within the Ottawa community that help people in need. The main means of expression of the Giving Gertie organization is the Giving Gertie bag. The Giving Gertie bag is a reusable cloth bag that includes a granola bar, a chocolate bar and a 2$ Tim Horton's gift card. You can buy a Giving Gertie for $5 and the Giving Gertie bag is to be given out to anyone in need.
When a Giving Gertie is shared, a connection is made between both people.  There is a communal sense of humanity, compassion and gratitude.  The exchange is often empowering and beautiful and this is the essence of the Giving Gertie.
When ordering a Giving Gertie, 100% of the money raised goes towards a local listed charity of your choice.  You can find out more about these local charities on our Partners page.
Please help us to make this not so random act of kindness a local movement.